HighSchool Graduate? Teen? Looking for a First Job? Read Me!

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Getting a new job as a teen is not as hard as many people may think. Nowadays, many employers see teens as employees who will always be punctual, dependable and can follow most work ethics as that generation in the age bracket of 13 to 19 years is very active. There are many places that are always prepared to hire teens mostly during summer time. Most fast food restaurants during summer always need extra help due to the increased number of customers. This means that as a teenager you can target food industry as a good place to get part or full time employment. Another place where you can earn some money is in the call center business. If you are someone who talks a lot this type of job is good for you. Many stores in the malls around the world are always looking for someone they can hire either part or full time. They offer various jobs such as cashiers, stock taking, serving customers, cleaning among others. The list of places where teens can find jobs is big. Anyone who is ready and willing to work will find a job through this guide. Other potential places include resorts and big hotels, companies for local daily newspapers, daycare, golf and tennis clubs, parks and recreation centers just to mention but a few. 

First decide on the job you need and look at the factors to be put into consideration. Factors such as the type of job, location of the work place, working hours and the salary or wage should steer you towards getting the right job for yourself. It is very hard to get a job that will meet all your requirements but am sure there is one that can meet most of them. Since this is your first job search, do not be too choosy. Some jobs may not be that pleasing but be grateful with what comes. It might not be up to your standards but it will give the required experience to improve your resume.

The first step that puts you closer towards getting your first job is spreading the word to everyone you know. Let them be aware of your job search. Consider all the adults in your life including your parents, your parent’s friends, family doctor, teacher and anyone who you think can be of help. This is a good approach since someone can recommend you for a good job. All you need is to be persistent and am very sure something will work out for you. After spreading the word through the word of mouth, you can try another simple way which involves searching online and going through daily newspapers. The internet has many sites that feature various jobs. Search for those sites that are specifically for teens jobs. Fill in as many applications as possible for jobs that interest you. When applying for these jobs make sure you familiarize yourself with the needed qualifications. Always take time when filling in the information form.
Employers would love to work with someone who is motivated, has leadership qualities and has a positive attitude at all times. They also look for someone who will be arriving to work on time and will have good relationship with fellow workers. You should let your employer trust you. Most teenagers have all these traits since they are fresh from schools where they mostly work in teams. You will find a job as a teen if you express your capability.
A job is a job but for teenagers. After your first job it will be easier to find a second job since the first one will earn you some money, help you gain experience and increase contacts and references to your resume. Demand for extra workers is always there especially during summers. So get out and start looking for a job. Always keep in mind that you need to be confident, have a positive mind, politeness and respect for your co workers and your employers.

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