You Can Change The World


Let’s be honest, every time you read, hear or watch on TV about ongoing war, horrible crime or disaster around the world, where many  innocent people get hurt, are killed or missing, or when you see the homeless rate rising, teenage pregnancy and divorce rates are at time highs, and, on top of this, horrific genetic mutations and diseases are everywhere, something inside your heart wants to scream. And here comes the feeling that you wish you could change the world.

But, as always, you get attacked by those wild thoughts, such as ” I am not rich, I am not famous and I don’t have enough influence”, ” I can’t afford to take time off my work, I am drowned in bills”. But you really want to make a change; you really want to make the world a better place.

And then, time after time you see or hear about courageous movements done by minorities or small charity groups. You read stories about people who went out off their way to help Humanity, they went out off their way to Make a Difference in the World. Need proof ? Here it is: CNN Heroes and quite honestly folks CNN is my hero for making this amazing show.

And every single time you may ask yourself a question “how in the world these guys manage to do all that, and how different these guys are from me ? ”

  • Maybe they don’t have as many bills as I do?
  • No, they just don’t have a mortgage, right?
  • Or maybe they have more resources and connections? etc.

You see, I do ask those questions and every time I feel that I have an angel and a demon on my shoulders arguing. One says “Do it” other one “Oh you can’t do it, you have to much stuff going on”

It was a week ago when my amazing grandmother celebrated her 75th Birthday. I love my grandma; she is like my sunshine, always positive and welcoming, everybody in the neighborhood loves her warm smile and kind words and wishes.

See my Granny always remembers this story about me when I was five. As she describes it the event that ” Changed Her World”.

Well let me tell you a little bit about a story. I was five when my parents left for a vacation for two weeks and my grandmother was babysitting me.

The next morning I woke up early, made a nice breakfast and then I woke my granny up with a warm invitation to homemade breakfast. Since I was her first grand kid it was very surprising for her. She was so touched and so fascinated even after 26 years she tells that story.

You may have a question about why I even told you this story.

See I was only five but I showed an act of love and kindness. I changed my grandmother’s life completely. It was obvious I didn’t have any education, I didn’t have any money and I didn’t have any influence and resources. And why I know it did change my grandmother’s life, because every time when she tells the story over and over again you can feel how her energy shifts, you can feel that something is changing around in her.

One act of kindness, one act of love and compassion, one act of care towards one person at a time can and will change the world. And we all witness this kind of acts every single day. Yes, you know, when you helped your friend when he needed you, when you gave  sincere  compliments to that lady who cleans your office every day (and who knows maybe she was thinking to quite her job, but now she feels that she is a very important part of the team in your office); or that day when your loved one, your parent or your kid were upset and you had a nice heart-to-heart talk. The list can go on non stop, but, I don’t know why, these little things are always unnoticed.

And then we watch that video on you tube that has touched many hearts, the one that went viral on social media. A young guy who was born with no legs and arms but interestingly enough he became a part of positive change of the world. He went from high school to high school to motivate and inspire kids and teenagers. Or a guy who made a video to stop genocide in Africa. Again the list can be non stop.


And If until today you had a belief that you have to be special, that you have to have that something that others have, I assure you that You are already very special and a powerful Human being, and there is no one like you and would never be anyone like you.

One day at a time, one person at a time, one act of love at a time, one act of care and passion will change the world.


Start your own movement today and share it with us and let your story be a part of an amazing change. It may even change someone’s life. You can become an excellent example, motivation or powerful Inspiration. As I always like to say “One Act of Love can sometimes have a domino effect” …!!!