From Rome to Venice and I am in Love

Forget getting a tattoo or making millions on your bucket list, if the romantic cities, Rome and Venice do not feature, then perhaps it’s time to revise your catalog. Located in Italy, the two cities are popular for their ancient history as well as a rich culture in music and food. Home to the opera genre of music, Italy exports more than just culture to the rest of the world as it effortlessly transfers a way of living.
Why do is say this, well for starters, Rome has been voted as one of the world’s best ancient cities, where all the magic and history meets! Known for its palaces, museums, coliseums, works of arts and temples, Rome has its work cut out for it as it struggles to contain the millions of tourists it gets per year. 

It is one city that every human being must visit even if it takes

 a lifetime of savings to get you a plane ticket. Rome has managed to combine a healthy and vibrant historical culture with an equally fascinating sense of modernism. The hotels are well constructed with a hint of ancient architecture and strategically located next to tourist sites much to the pleasure of the foreigners.

Rome Coliseum

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When you think of the Vatican and the Pope, Rome is your city and it promises you more than a firm religious excursion. St. Peter’s Basilica which is the world’s oldest basilica will probably scream excitement with any visitor in touch with their history or religion. The coliseum which features prominently in modern films that seek to tell the history of Roman combat and gladiators is also another famous favorite with visitors. Undoubtedly the world’s largest entertainment auditorium the caloseum is said to have taken 10 good years to build! Now that’s bound to get your attention…. Closely located to Rome is the beautiful city of Venice. Easily accessible by train from Rome, Venice is without difficulty regarded as Italy’s city of love and it is easy to see why. Intricately constructed on water in the middle of a lagoon, Venice is your floating city under the sun. The beautiful fact about this in case you haven’t yet noticed is that there is no traffic! The Grand Canal as a result forms a prominent tourist feature in Venice attracting millions of people annually who want to take part in the Grand tour. What beautiful way to spend your sunset days in a city where you will never hear any loud honking or get parking tickets…Venice is your safest bet.
When it comes to architecture, Venice scores high with its Gothic theme full of arched buildings. St. Mark’s Basilica which is again a patriarchal basilica in Venice is a stunner as it represents ancient art elegantly surviving in the modern world. Great works of art are proudly displayed in the numerous museums present in Venice thus satisfying all your artistic curiosity.
So there you have it, proof of why Rome and Venice should always be at the back of your head the moment you finish reading this. They are simply two spectacular Italian cities and if anything should take your breath away, it should be Rome and Venice! Start packing.