Thoughts Become Things

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I wanted to share a small experience about Mike Dooley’s movie Thoughts Become Things or TBT. Last year, when I was on my way to a friend’s wedding in LA. My flight had a slight delay, and after reading almost all my books in my iPad I thought I would watch something motivational to keep my mood up. It was so funny first click at iTunes I found this movie. Can I be honest? I really loved it. The energy, the passion and THE STORIES made this movie to watch and re-watch. In my opinion Mike has an amazing entrepreneurial skills, he is an amazing coach and person. Mike is also a Speaker and Teacher in the Best-Selling movie The Secret  

In this classic DVD, I share personal stories, analogies, and exercises that have already helped hundreds of thousands of people harness this most fundamental of all principles. From it you’ll learn:

– My 6 visualization guidelines to follow each day (taking less than 5 minutes).

– How to use and how NOT to use your words, to spark life changes

– And how to take action on your dreams WITHOUT simultaneously messing with the “cursed hows.”

– You’ll also discover: That it’s YOU who decides what’s meant to be.

Mike Dooley

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