The Notebook

 The storytelling of this movie rotates around a young poor and passionate man (Noah Calhoun) who falls madly in love with a young woman (Allie Hamilton) who hails from a very rich background. However, the parents of the girl disapprove of the relationship because of the young man’s poor background and as a result the two love birds are separated. After waiting in vain for a word from Noah, Allie meets and gets engaged to a handsome young soldier known as Lon. Noah’s picture standing by a 200 year old restored house catches the eye of Allie and she starts recalling how they stood together in front of this old house with Noah and how he told hr of the plans he had of restoring the house. With her feelings for Noah still alive, she decides to pay him a visit to find out if he is fine. It becomes known that they both still have love for each other and Allie has to decide between her engaged boyfriend and Noah. This story is very captivating and will have you and your valentine glued to the television set full time.