The 7 World’s Best Valentine’s Day Presents

I know whether you plan to travel or remain at familiar grounds, you are thinking about a valentine’s gift. One way of showing affection is through giving presents to the people we love. Look for gifts that are unpredictable but with a touch of romance. Either of you must have received chocolates and red roses more often. This means that a different gift is expected. If you carefully listen to your prince or princess all the time, chances are that you might have picked something she / he would want from the conversations. You could still get something that is related to your lover’s hobbies and interests. The idea is to show them that you appreciate them and that you put some thought into the present. Below are some of the gifts that can make a lasting impression.

  • TV cuddle Blanket

A gift that is unique will be appreciated. Such a gift is a TV cuddle blanket. Many people are fond of lounging on the couch after a hard day at work. This would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift as it communicates love and warmth. It features a built-in remote or book pocket and a feet pouch.

  •  Picture Frame

What about a picture frame? Yes it makes a perfect present especially if it has a picture with the two of you. It gives an impression that you see a possibility of a future together. 

  •  Romantic Toy

One of these presents can be accompanied by a sex toy. You should never think of entering through the door with a bedroom toy alone as a gift. It should always be an escort to a main gift. It might sound like an ineligible gift but it takes intimacy to a whole new level. 

  •  Charm Bracelet

Another exciting Valentine’s gift would be a charm bracelet. It allows you to make your lover a better person. You are supposed to add charms to the bracelet every instance the love of your life does something commendable. He / she will make efforts to make you happy and add as many charms as possible.

  •  Lingerie for Women

Remember that your lover may receive other form of gifts from family and friends but only you can give special gifts such as romantic toys and lingerie for women. These are gifts that may have a bit of cliché but are well received by ladies. As much as the lingerie should be sexy it should be comfortable too.

  • A perfume

A perfume is a great gift for the one you love. How anyone of you smells is very important in a relationship. Choose a popular perfume that suits his/ her personality. It should have the power to make both of you crazy. 

  •  Jewelry and Jewelry Box

I am sure you must have given your woman enough jewelry but do not deprive her joy of holding up her hair as you place that golden necklace around her neck. Where do you think she keeps all these jewelry? Do away with speculations and buy her a jewelry box that is as precious as her ornaments. 

  •  Spa Massage Certificate

You can also present your valentine’s date with a Spa massage certificate. Let him / her enjoy being treated like a princess or the prince they are on that special day.

The Top 5 Most Used Flowers on Valentine’s Day
There is always booming business for florists on February 14th. More romantic flowers fly out of the shelf faster. You need to know the most romantic flowers or the most used flowers so that you can make a good choice.

1. The Rose Flower
The rose means that “I love you”. Love and romance being the theme of Valentine’s Day makes this flower the most used one on this particular day.

2. The Daisy Flower
This flower stands for innocence, loyalty, purity and love. From a distance the top looks like one flower but when you observe it closely you will see several tightly packed small individual flowers.

3. Tulip Flower
This flower stands for perfect love especially red tulips. They grow in the direction of light and continue to grow in water even while cut.

4. The Lily Flower
Love is beautiful and so is the Lily flower which stands for beauty. The flowers exist in purple, yellow and red colors. Yes, your guess is right. The red ones are the most used on Valentine’s Day.

5. Orchid Flower
It stands for Beauty, love, refinement and seduction. The Orchids family is the biggest on the plant kingdom. It has more than 25,000 naturally growing species in the semi-tropical and tropical regions of the earth. Their availability makes them to be among the most used flowers on Valentine’s Day.