Magnificent Temple of Golden Buddha

Temple of Goldn Budhha Wat Traimit

Planning for a tour or a visit to the most famous places around the world this holidays ? Then have a glance about the world’s largest golden statue.

The Golden Buddha officially called “Phra Phutta Maha Suwan Patimakon” is the world’s largest solid Golden statue build with respect towards Buddha(founder of Buddhism) located in Wat Traimit temple, Bangkok. Bangkok is nothing but a district of Sampanthawong in Thailand. The statue is three meters (ten feet) tall and made of five and half tons of gold. This is located to the exteriors of Yaowarat road near Hualapong station. And at present it is made protective by stucco and plaster from invading armies like Burmies.

  • Coming to the history of the statue

It was made during the period of Sukhothai dynasty in between 13-14 centuries. Head of the statue is egg shaped indicating its origin in Sukhothai period. The statue has been also casted in many parts of India and later moved to Ayutthaya in 1403 when the latter kingdom came into rule. It was been in the controversial with the ruler of Phra Ruang dynasty: Ram Khamhaeng’s stele. So, to identify the Buddha statue, in the lines 23-27 of first slab of the stele “Gold Buddha image” is engraved to show its presence in the middle of Sukhothai city. During that period it was plastered to prevent it from stealing. The statue later remained without any attention among the ruins of Ayutthaya.

And in the year 1801, king of Thai Rama I (Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke) after declaring Bangkok as the capital of the kingdom ordered to bring all the buddha images from around the ruined temples to Bangkok. So thus the Golden Buddha statue also brought to Bangkok. During the rule of Rama III in 1830’s it was placed as the important Buddha image in the temple building of Wat Chotanaram in Bangkok and later moved to the present place Wat Traimit in 1935.

  • Later discovery

In its new place in Wat Traimit the statue had no enough place to be housed and hence in the year 1954, a new viharn building was build and in 1955, the statue was planned to move to its new place during which it slipped from crane and few of plaster coating was chipped off . This revealed the statue as the pure gold and later all the plastering was removed. And now it is presented as pure golden statue to the visitors with some pieces of plaster is also being displayed. There found a key enclosed in the plaster at its base which disassembled the statue for easy transportation. It was the time of 25th Buddhist era when the golden statue was revealed. And hence many buddhists stated this as miracle and in 2010 a large building for this statue is hosted at Wat Traimit temple.

  • What to see

Off-side to the temple Traimit is a small chapel of Golden Buddha, such a huge, bright, that its edges seem to disappear and glows as if the richness and purity in it marks the great respect inspired by its power and strength. The statue is represented traditionally where the right hand touching the earth to witness Sakhyamuni’s Buddha at Bodh Gaya. The flame that crowns is an innovation of spiritual energy and the three wrinkles in neck and elongated eyebrows shows the sign of a prince.

So, have a look at the most admired historic statue of the world before you die and you can get there easily which is a short distance from Hualampong railway staion and go through Traimit road, China town, Bangkok, Thailand. Have a desire to visit the charming Golden Buddha statue.

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Golden Buddha

photo credit: Grant Eaton via photopin cc