Statue of Jesus in Rio De Janeiro

Statue of Jesus Christ in BrazilDo you want to spend your time well. Then traveling to a new place is the thing for you. To make it more interesting you can have the company of your family members. Traveling to new destinations offers you a good chance to rest especially after spending much of your time at work or at school. It offers your body a chance to relax which leads to improvement of your performance when you resume the job. This is one of the reasons why most organizations are making it compulsory for their staff to go for compulsory leaves.

Many people have heard about statue of Jesus in Brazil and why you should visit there. It is very famous and attracts people from different parts of the world. Both the young and the old are frequent visitors especially during Christians fistful seasons such as during Christmas and Easter season. The statue known as Christ the redeemer is an icon of Christianity. Situated in the Brazilian capital city, Rio De Janeiro is one of the tallest of such kind. It can only be compared with El Cristo de la Concordia which is found in Bolivia.

This tall structure was established in the early 1930s by two people. Catholics are some of the frequent visitors who celebrate Holy mass at the venues. The church weddings and baptism are some of events which are regularly held at the venue. The concrete and soapstone structure was constructed within 9 years (from 1922 to 1931 when it was dedicated). The cross shaped statue symbolizes peace and used by Christians mostly catholic to spread the news of Jesus Christ. It was funded mainly by the Brazilian Catholics.

Visiting this place offers a person a chance to interact with many visitors and local residents. It’s a privilege to be in a place that is in the list of the new Seven Wonders of the World. A visit to the place is a dream come true for many school pupils and students who have heard of the place from books and over the internet. There are some places that are worth to visit in one’s life so as to learn more about our planet earth with its many wonders. These are places preserved and maintained by the government and relevant authorities since there are a source of prestige. Researchers find the place useful to enable them conduct their studies.

With the next world youth day held in Brazil, the statue of Jesus will be one of the destination for the millions of youth from all parts of the world that are expected to attend the international Event. People that have seen its pictures and video describe it as very fascinating. The city is also set to hold the 2014 football world cup and the statue is expected to attract not only the football fans but also the prayers.

Thus, it is good to note that Brazil is not only known of football, crime or maize production but a great tourist attraction site. The capital city’s trademark is the 99ft tall statue found at the peak of Mountain Corcovado. The place neighbors a National park.


photo credit: wili_hybrid via photopin cc