The Seven Most Romantic Cities of the World

seven romantic cities


  • 1. Venice in Italy

You will fall in love with the city of Venice in Italy. Your visit feels like a fantasy due to the beautiful architecture and the breathtaking canals. It is pure romance to ride gondola down the canal, walk along the narrow bridges as you get lost once in a while. The monumental squares in Venice will make her say “I do’ before you even propose to her.

  • 2. Paris in France

Another perfect visit for Valentine’s is the Love city of Paris in France. People who are in love enjoy the long strolls along the Seine as well as taking photos in picture-perfect romantic backgrounds such as Montmartre and the many gardens such as Jardin du Luxembourg. Night time is full of romance due to the presence of Eiffel Tower that is lit up in darkness. Some even refer to it as the city of the light. It is home to exquisite, classic hotels that are ideal for great intimacy.

  • 3. New York City, in USA

New York City is famous for different reasons one of them being that it is a love paradise. The air in this city is always heavy with love. It is the biggest city in the world and so it is home to romantic hotels, fashion centers, entertainment spots and restaurants with heart-melting food and drinks. It therefore makes a good valentine’s destination.

  • 4. Prague in Europe

Another romance-filled city of the world is Prague. It is a town that features fairytale architecture which is very well preserved. You will both surely enjoy walking hand in hand all the way from the castle through Charles Bridge and gaze at each other’s eyes as you listen to the chime of an astronomical clock that is 600 years old. The ancient city will leave you speechless as you get lost in the romance and beauty of the sea full of cobblestones and spires.

  • 5. Florence in Italy

If you are lovers who have a connection with art. Make sure you visit Florence city as you will have a lot to talk about and tell in future. Admire the magical and romantic setting of this city which features Michelangelo’s and Botticelli’s works. You can enjoy the tremendous admiration from Piazzale Michelangelo or the famous Duamo views. Make sure you steal a kiss as you pass over the Vecchio Bridge. You can then settle for the most romantic candlelit dinner of finest Italian wine and cuisine.

  • 6. Rome in Italy

Where else in the world can lovers celebrate valentine better than where it has its roots? Rome is arguably one of the most romantic cities of the world. While in Rome, love is great as you enjoy gathering by the city’s fountains, throwing coins and laughing endlessly as you make romantic wishes. The fun may even extend to sipping cappuccinos or lattes at the center of dazzling piazzas.

  • 7. Lisbon in Portugal

Lisbon in Portugal is also a great Valentine’s romantic get away. It has spectacular scenery that is viewed from hilltops. It has an ancient castle overlooking it and state of art buildings with tiles and cobblestone designs. The neighborhood has Sintra and the charming Obidos (medieval village) which was once given by a king to his queen as a wedding gift. While there, do not miss a chance to get a Santa Justa Elevator’s ride especially at sunset.


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