The Shift

The Shift cover imageIf you believe that you can Shift you life. Are in search of something more, something that will build a bridge to your awareness? If your answer is yes, then this is the movie you should consider adding to your library.
Every time when I feel that “something stopped in my life again,” and, I need that spark of inspiration and motivation in my life. Movie The Shift always there to rescue me.
I love Dr Dyer’s work on The Shift. Plot of the movie is amazing, and the way it flows is really amazing. The way he presents each subject is just astonishing. His message is clear and most important HE IS NOT ACTING At all. I think that is another attraction to this movie.
I noticed something else in Dr Dyer’s behavior; his calmness. His speech is very calm, and his voice sounds so wise and deep that it can keep you listening to him for hours.
Okey! let me stop here. Please, enjoy the trailer, and if you would like to purchase the DVD The Shift Please Click Now!  or read more about The Shift you can visit the Official website of Dr Dyer.