It is never too late?

How can you say it’s too late? It’s like you decide to drive from Las Vegas, NV to Los Angeles, CA. You take I-15 North to Salt Lake City, UT and someone told you that you are going in a wrong direction and to take I-15 South instead. You answer, “It is too late”. Dumb right? But this is exactly how we live our life. Until one day your inner voice yells at you, “Hello! Is anyone there? Take the next U-turn.” And you start wondering “What the …?” Things start changing so rapidly that you can’t believe it’s true.

Better Life IDEAS

  • Do not watch the news in the morning, until it is absolutely necessary due to the nature of your job. Start your day by listening some good music, inspirational audiobook, or simply count your blessings.
  • Stop being judgmental. Who likes to be around a person who judges everything and everyone? Remember the feeling? When you were Judged for something so small that you had a vision of this five thousand feet high question mark falling from skies on you.
  • DO NOT STOP TO IMPROVE YOURSELF. You can’t drive your car for long time if you do not maintain it, Right? You are not too different; because everything in this Planet made by man was created with the same principle of “How Human Body Works” Try to read self improvement, spiritual books, movies and documentaries that can uplift your spirit. Be more open minded. Look at all those successful people; they just do not care what you think of them. They just do it.
  • Show more gratitude to you, your kids, your spouse, family, neighbors, boss, co-workers, your president (Why Not?), your parents, your car mechanic, that sales clerk at the store. It changes you and ones around you.
  • It is not only about you. Did you ever pay attention to how modern commercials word it? “You deserve it; it is all about you”. I do agree, we all deserve a better life, BUT NOT A SELFISH ONE.
  • Stop being the victim in your own Movie. Be the Hero who could and indeed succeeded.
  • Do not look for excuses. Look more what you can do to change your life. If you know you can do it, and it is a right thing to do, what is stopping you? “I don’t have enough money” statement is not enough, because you can find the way to do with what you have; it is not always you need more money to have a good life.
  • And last, but not least, be the change if you want things changed. If your kid usually gets B at school and today he/she got an A make it a celebration, because they will expect the same next time. And your kids will go for good grades. Or if your spouse does not like to cook, and they did it this time. Make a wonderful occasion of enjoying that food (no matter how it tastes). And be the same way to yourself because you are Wonderful the way you are.


I hope that we all can use our breaks and make that life changing U-turn. And I would like to express my Love To all my readers and to all those who occupy this Planet.