Why I am Happy?

I have been asked that question so many times, why am I happy all the time… 

Well, let me tell you!

As a small business owner I have been hit by the thought times of economy, and I had to use my chance of being a part of corporate America, so I could get my American dream going.

I am sure no matter where you work, or even have business with other businesses you can always see that one guy that has that sincere smile on his face no matter what. There is always this one associate at any retail store that has this welcoming personality, that you always making sure to shop exactly at those hours when he or she is there. Maybe not always, but most of the time corporations chose people not with degree of their knowledge, but they chose personality. Even though this is not about how you can move up or succeed at your business or job.

My name is Vahe and I have been live in the United States for almost a decade. Immigrated from Eastern Europe I found US quit amazing place to live and prosper. Like the majority of the country I used to be an active club member of complaint and worry life group. No matter how much money I made, how much money I spent on luxuries (car, house, brand clothing, etc), I still could find a reason to worry and complaint. Until the unfortunate happen. I was on the verge of losing my home, car, business, etc. I went of making a lot of money to enough to get by (basically living from paycheck to paycheck like half the country.) And this was my wake up call.

That one decision changed my life. Decision on becoming happy person no matter what. It wasn’t easy process, and still not. But it is much better then the filling of misery, guilt, judging mentality, blame, complaint and worry (I still have my worries, but most of the time it takes very few moments, because…)

This is why I am happy (Even though there is more to my happiness by I name these three)

  • I count my blessings and learned to be grateful. In the moments when I meet a crises, such as short sickness, small paycheck (or no paycheck sometimes), emotional hard moments and so on. I always find a time to count my blessings; such as, I am still alive and will recover. I still have my home and place to stay. I have friends, family, car, clothes. Whatever it is for you, every time when I start going into gratitude state of mind I ca feel that something in me is changing rapidly (prayer or journal also is a great way to express your gratitude and count your blessing.)
  • I see more positive then negative in any given situation or in anyone around me. For so many people it is much harder to see the positive outcome then negative. A friend of mine ones had a problem at work with her new manager she started panicking so bad that she start having constant migraines and sometimes problem with her vision. I asked her to tell me why she was so worried about her new manager. And she started to name all the negative things that she heard or seen from her new manager. I asked her if there is even one positive thing that she seen in her manager. It was surprising for me, but out of ten negative thing she named, she named about three positive things about her. Well, I asked her every time when she is being asked to her office for a report or anything, to step into her office by appreciating her three positive values. Exactly three weeks later I’ve got the call from my friend with the shocking news, she was promoted assistant manager.
  • I expect that only the best is going to happen to me. No matter why, no matter what, no matter of the circumstances I simply always expect that something great is going to happen to me.          

 Happiness is a choice!

(this post is unedited)




This is me and my sister last summer during traveling 🙂 What’s more could I ask ? It was a very happy moment…