Great Reason To Visit Columbus Ohio

IMG_0076Columbus is the capital city of Ohio, and it is the largest and most populous city. Based on the city’s statistics, the city has a flexible and remarkable diverse economy that lets them meet the demands of their entire citizen. The city is the perfect place for your nightlife because the place offers and provides the best accommodation in entertainment clubs, and bars. They have the latest in terms of entertainment such as movies, music, show, theater, and many more. The hotel accommodations especially the renaissance hotel offers you a full course restaurant with astounding views that are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What can you do in the city?

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It seems that there is always events that is taking place in the city. If you plan to visit the city, you should take part in those special events that Columbus has to offer. Many special events takes place in the city at countless times. The city has a 4 – season climate, which features both the outdoor and indoor events. Some of the events that you should attain, and these are as follows:

  •  The Symphony Circus – the circus performs in the Ohio Theater every year and perform that features from the magicians to aerialists and all of it are tuning in the City Symphony Orchestra. This takes place during May’s first Saturday of every year. This is a perfect and delightful annual event for everybody.


  • Columbus Salsa Festival – salsa music is a love – dance that will move your soul. In addition, this is a popular dance music internationalized outside the Cuba. If you enjoy their instrumental combination and rhythm, you will enjoy this festival even more.Happens during May’s last weekend every year in the Bar of the Modern Art. Whether if this is new to you or not, you will adore and enjoy the Salsa evening listening and dancing to this entertainment, as you have never experienced before. Other events of Salsa take place in the same place each year for you to enjoy.


  • Civil and Revolutionary War Reenactment – during July’s second weekend, you can see and experience the Civil and Revolutionary War reenactments at the Century Village. There are groups that are portraying the 1770 to the present camps of the Civil Wars soldiers talk about the life situation during in these wars. These groups will also reenact the famous battles that happened during the Civil and Revolutionary War. This annual event combines and mixes with their rich – histories tradition and fun is perfect for your family.


  • Kids Art Variety Show and Columbus Book Fair – children in the the States come together for the annual competition of dancing and singing. This is taking place during August’s first weekend. While, the book fair is taking place during last weekend of the same month. Book fair features the different vendors those are selling rare or special, antique and old books from the entire Ohio.


  • Columbus The Light Festival Parade – this festival parade happens every first Sunday of December. It celebrates the holiday tradition in tribute to the Civil and Revolutionary battle and war. This parade will pass right through the downtown city’s heart.

There, you have it! Selecting Columbus would be the perfect choice. The place offers and provides you with all the best entertainment, hotel and food accommodation, and rich – histories of experiences, infrastructure, and shows. As a result, Columbus is the perfect destination if you want to experience something unforgettable!


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