There is always a reason to visit Eiffel Tower in Paris

Paris France Eifel TowerDrawing over two million visitors annually, Eiffel tower in Paris is definitely an undisputed iconic structure, It is one of the most attractive and recognized structure at the heart of Paris city in France. Although relatively a new comer structure to the city whose history dates back to millennia, this tower has for sure added some symbol of elegance and modernity to the glamorous city of Paris. Eiffel tower is definitely a must see structure whenever an individual or any visitor tours the Paris city. Everybody who visits this city can barely peel their eyes off this structure in the night when it bursts into a shower of scintillating light every hour each evening. This famous monumental structure that dominates the Paris skyline was built in 1889 for the world fair to which it was the phenomenal attraction, information, historical, as well as technical explanation on all its three levels that is Gustave Eiffel’s office, view point indicator on the 2nd and the 3rd floors, One will always be told lots interesting stories about Eiffel tower in Paris France and why you should travel over there to experience such breathtaking sensation not to mention the view of a wonderful skyline scenery of France capital city Paris and for a fact it would never disappoint at all.

Even for the detractors who would not want to visit this tower, once they are in Paris city, they would definitely have to catch a glimpse of its top across and all over Paris vicinity. The structure rises 300 meters tall (984ft) and was completed in the 19th century therefore raising almost twice the height of Washington monument. The structure was built amid protest from contemporary artists, thinking that it would not have fitted in the architectural space of Paris. Eiffel tower has now assumed the symbol of the city of light that is Paris, as well as deriving its name from the man behind it Gustave Eiffel, the revolutionary bridge builder. This landmark is always open to visitors every single day of the year day with entry hours scheduled conveniently to regulate the number of visitors to the structure plus some fairly regulated prices as entry fees is charged with regards as to whether one is an adult or a child whilst also depending on the level of the floor one would want to visit or whether a person would want to use the stair cases(a cheaper way though excruciating)or whether a person would want to use the elevators which is slightly cheaper compared with the former . Entry tickets are also available online.

Eiffel tower also hosts restaurants that offer French cuisine led by one of the French’s most celebrated chefs, plus varieties of food stuffs across the globe at the other restaurants .One of the tower’s renowned restaurants include ones such as Le Jules Verne located at the second level while the other restaurant is actually situated at the first level. There are also shops that sell French souvenirs and gifts located at the ground, first and the second floors at the Eiffel towers. The tower always offers some tower tour guide options such as behind the scenes looks as well as guidance for those people with less mobility, for example persons with disability however at a fee. This is indeed a place to visit before…



photo credit: gpalacios via photopin cc