You Haven’t Seen Pyramids of Giza and Majestic Sphinx yet ?

After a long year full of tiring and boring hard work, toiling in the unforgiving work environment, economic and social crisis, road rage and endless traffic snarl ups with the ever demanding boss breathing down my neck puts immense physical fatigue, psychology stress and a traumatized soul. The thought of ‘Me’ time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A moment in the open fields embracing the beautiful flora and fauna and appreciating the good old outdoors, being in touch with nature makes my heart skip a beat. Life far and away from the normal vacation spots like the local spa ,bungee jumping at the nearby bridge ,rough water rafting and canoeing at the local lake seems a thought very much welcome.

What is life without adventure, inside every one of us lies the spirit of adventure and to cap it all, an adventure through history is not only mind blowing but fabulous. A journey through one of the seven ancient wonders of the world is not just an adventure but it is to dine with the gods. Whether a business traveler, family, friends or a leisure traveler, to walk in the sandy dunes of the world’s largest desert,’ The Sahara desert’ or one of the world’s longest and largest rivers ‘The river Nile’ or To visit the Magnificent Pyramids and Tombs at Giza and the fantastic Temple of Sphinx is not just a mouthful might a legendary walk with the deity.

Anyone who has set foot at the Pyramids or visited the Temple of Sphinx comes back home but is faced with nostalgia to going back and relieving history ,a path for mankind and earliest human civilization. It is in this part of the world where the ‘Wheel ‘was invented, in this region of Mesopotamia and Tigre’s the earliest civilization was born. In Egypt is where Christianity and Islam originated to name just but a few spectacular stories.Majestic Sphinx At Egypt

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Unlike most legends and myths, the Pyramid stories are actually true. The Pyramids at Giza, the Sphinx or the crouching Lion Shaped Temple , The fabulous tomb of King Tutankhamen and other pharaohs’ mummified bodies ,the treasures of the ancient Egyptian kingdom ,with the likes of Queen Nefertiti, the earliest hieroglyphics’ written on the earliest writing media i.e. The papyrus reed paper and the famous Red sea. This divine adventure can only be experienced in the land of the pharaohs; Egypt.

A vacation in Egypt is a trip through time and it is embracing history. It is a soul searching trip and a mind opening experience sent from heaven showcasing a myriad of events based on facts and factual events that shaped the modern human civilization .It is a trip unlike others as we pay tribute to the earlier generations of mankind. From the mummies, the tombs, civilization, the writings, religion, palaces, ancient treasures and the diverse culture, Egypt is the sure way to go. A life journey abounds in Egypt. A trip to Egypt is a feat fit for Kings. You will definitely enjoy your stay with your loved ones.


photo credit: Darren Krape & Aesum via photopin cc