Discover the Gift

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The producer, director, co-author and co-creator of DISCOVER THE GIFT Demian Lichtenstein is one of my personal heroes.I remember when I watched the movie Discover the Gift at the first time. I was very discouraged, and I was having unexplained moment of being lost in time and space. You know! one of those moments, when you ask questions to yourself “What the hell I am here for, why me and why now, what or who really made me to be born?” And what we do in these cases usually? We either run to the fridge, or take a nap by thinking if the time pass everything will change, or some Like me; I just look for my inspiration. And here I was starring at the screen of my computer, and I searched these words “Inspire me” I didn’t know how, but I found this movie. Remembering the famous passage “Seek and you shell find.”This is a magnificent movie! Demian is telling the story with his only family left Shajen Joy Azziz, his sister. How they found peace in their personal unknown war (by the way this movie also has Audio Book which I think you should own a copy) The way he glued this movie together is just priceless. And the speakers in the movie sharing their experiences, giving you clues, tips and lifetime Ideas, is simply amazing.


Another reason this movie worth to watch! 

The Fascinating and Amazing  Speakers and Teachers that presented in this film!

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